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Frequently Asked Questions
What's included with the 10-day free trial account?
A 10-day free trial account includes our powerful social media marketing flyer, the Virtual Lawn Sign (VLS). Take advantage of the popularity of Social Media to sell your home. The 10-day free trial also includes your personalized easy to create listing website to showcase your home to qualified buyers. It's a great way to start the process if you are thinking about selling your property. You never know, you might just sell it. Many customers reported selling their home during the 10-day free trial.
Do I need a credit card to get going?
You do not need a credit card to start the 10-day free trial plan.
Can I cancel the 10-Day free trial anytime?
The 10-day trial account expires in 10 days, no credit card required to setup and no fees whatsoever.
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Don’t Take Our Word for It. Read Outstanding Reviews From Our Happy Customers
"CasaVue took all the complications out of real estate marketing and made it so easy. I felt like a real estate pro when selling my property. Thanks CasaVue!"

Lucy, San Jose, CA

"Using CasaVue, we were able to increase foot traffic to our property virtually overnight."

Ken & Carol, Boulder, CO

"Having a CasaVue customized lawn sign on our front lawn, showed potential buyers that we were serious and ready to sell our house for the right offer 😉."

Marty, Seattle, WA

They are satisfied, and you will be too! Not sure? We have a guarantee!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
At CasaVue, we are absolutely dedicated to your satisfaction. We put our time where our mouth is, and work with you personally to make CasaVue an exceptional selling experience for you. While we cannot promise you that you will sell your home - which depends on factors out of our control - we guarantee to market your home effectively for only a fraction of the cost, and to bring you more buyers than ever before.